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What Should You Expect in an Internship?

August 19, 2019

Higher education is becoming more commonplace than ever in America. A third of the adult population has a bachelor’s degree or higher! This means that it’s even more important than ever to build your resume and stand out from your peers as you hunt for that dream job.
Internships have become an essential part of building a strong resume, so we’re answering this question: What should you expect in an internship?
setting expectations for interns

To Be Paid

You deserve to be paid…PERIOD. As tempting as it may be to take any internship opportunity that comes your way, an internship without pay should be avoided at all costs (pun intended). If you’re doing work for a company that will be earning them money, why shouldn’t you get paid? However, keep your expectations realistic, as you’ll most likely be making minimum wage or just above it!

To Do A Little Busy Work

Every intern will spend some amount of time doing busy work, whether that’s responding to emails, scheduling appointments, or taking notes during meetings. Although it isn’t glamorous, these side jobs will be tossed your way to allow other employees to focus on more important tasks. Sometimes, it’s important to take one for the team! Be proactive and take initiative. Treat each task like it’s the most important job you’ve ever had. Going above and beyond in your work proves that you’re a hard worker, and will only help you in the future!

To Learn

An internship is a chance for you to get a look at how different industries and jobs work. Treat it like you would a class. Take notes, ask questions, and be curious! Although payment is important, at the end of the day, you’re there to gain experience. If you’re not being including in meetings with clients, ask if you can attend or offer to take notes. Chances are your boss will be perfectly fine with having you sit in!

To Network

You’re going to be working with people that have a wide range of experience during your internship. Make connections with your coworkers! Future employers will ask you for references, so it’s best to have some prepared now rather than later. (Side note: if you plan on using someone as a reference, ask them first!) Connect with people at your internship on LinkedIn (and ask them to endorse your skills), get their contact information, and add them on social media.

To Be Proactive

When it comes down to it, you’re going to get out of your internship what you put into it! It’s on you to prove your value, and bring everything that you have to offer to the table. Whether you’re making connections with your coworkers, making use of free time, or sitting in on meetings; it all depends on you and your drive to participate!

what to expect in an internship