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The Importance of a Map Out Session

November 9, 2019

What is a Map Out Session? Who does a Map Out Session? Why do I need a Map Out Session?
You’re probably asking all of these questions right now, but luckily, you’re in the right place to find out why this first step is so important.
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As a full service creative marketing agency, the Yonts + Co team wears a lot of different hats throughout the day. Branding and identity creation, advertising, web design, photography, videography, graphic design, SEO, digital marketing… you name it, we’ve probably tackled it for one of our clients.
However, to simplify what we do and express it in the most concise manner, we like to consider ourselves ‘brand architects’.
And just like real architects, we want to be there for you from start to finish.
To accomplish this, getting a feel for everything about you and your business is important to us. We want to know all about your strengths/weaknesses, past/present, and future goals.
That’s why our first step in onboarding with new clients is sitting down for an extensive conversation about who you are and why your company exists. We’ve deemed this to be our signature “Map Out Session”, which covers EVERYTHING! From why you started your business, to who’s on your team, what products and/or services you provide, and more.
Because just like real architects, it’s important for us to know what’s working, what could use improvement, and where we can come into the picture as a creative marketing agency to help you achieve your goals.
Our team has handled projects both big and small in the past, and we want to assist where you need us. Whether that’s assembling a massive digital marketing campaign, rebranding an existing company, or simply writing some new messaging for your web design or social media.
Overall, in the world of creative marketing, everything has to come together seamlessly to build a strong and successful brand, just like building a home.
That’s why our initial map out sessions are vital to our working relationships. We want to be an extension of your team, celebrating in your successes and holding each other accountable to best tell your story.
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Reach out to us today so we can sit down for a Map Out Session and grow your business to new heights.