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Founded by Jessica Yonts in 2017, Yonts + Co is a creative marketing agency based out of Bowling Green, KY. Our team always comes prepared to aid you in achieving your marketing goals, whether you’ve been in business 20 years or 2.
With more than 14 years of experience working in a broad range of industries with a wide variety of clientele, our team brings a lot to the table when it comes to marketing and advertising. It’s about building relationships, being honest, and matching your dedication to your brand.
We refer to ourselves as brand architects – because creating a strong brand requires a  foundation that is built on strategy and expertise. We see it as our responsibility to help you build your brand / business / company through strategic marketing, powerful design and a clear mission.

Our Values

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We hold a sense of responsibility for the growth of your business. We’re passionate about helping you fulfill your purpose.
We want to become an extension of your team with a passion to execute your brand story in a way that reaches your goals.

It’s all about building relationships, being honest, and matching your dedication to your business. Your success becomes our success.

Meet Jessica , Founder & Strategist

Armed with strong business insight, knowledge of digital trends, and experiences in marketing across a wide variety of industries, Jessica is determined to shape each business for success. She has a unique focus when it comes to understanding clients’ business goals, striving to exceed marketing and creative expectations through strategic planning.

“In theory anyone can provide the ‘things’ in our industry, but when you start with the overall business perspective, you achieve focused results and that is what makes me hype about what we do daily!”

Yonts strives for purpose in branding and is often asked about the meaning of the buffalo that is a big focus of their branding and repped by the team. The symbolism behind the buffalo is unity and strength. As a herd, when a storm is approaching rather than running away from the storm, the herd of buffalo charge. They run directly into the storm minimizing its damage and breaking through to the sun on the other side. This is much like they was in which her team approaches marketing, headfirst with power and passion. 

Yonts is passionate when it comes to community, business growth and collaboration for big picture thinking! She serves as a Chamber Ambassador, realizing that networking and utilizing everyone’s talents and connections achieves fruitful results. Jessica encourages her team to give back through Yonts + Co. “Investing our time, talents and resources into organzations like Kwanis through ThunderFest, Life’s Better Together, YoungLife, Habitat for Humanity, Crossland Community Church, local schools, and many other organizations allows for a team effort in making an impact far beyond what we could do individually.”