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Bringing the (design) heat for Bowling Green’s MiLB Team, the Hot Rods.

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A few weeks out from the 2022 Season, the Hot Rods’ were without an on-staff designer and without their 2022 Game Program. So they brought us in, knowing we could knock the design out on a tight deadline.


Due to the nature of how the MiLB works, turnover is high for players and office staff. Another common feature of MiLB teams is to refresh their branding every few years, which just happened to correspond with us working on the game program. Meaning we were not only designing a program, but selecting new brand fonts and creating some of the first marketing material using their new brand guidelines. So we decided to turn the game program into a compilation of different pieces the Hot Rods could use as posters, social graphics, etc… instead of being a one-time use design.


Despite minor delays in the project due to roster changes and missing ads, we were able to get the Hot Rods their 2022 Game Programs in time for their first home stint of the season. Now baseball fans in Bowling Green, KY will have a branded guide in hand as they enjoy Hot Rods baseball in 2022.