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Electric Branding on Wheels

An energizing car wrap is one of the easiest ways to get your brand out in the community!

Warren RECC


Design | Out-Of-Home


When Warren RECC wanted to bring awareness and attention to electric vehicles in Bowling Green, KY, they came to us with a fun idea: to wrap their brand new Chevy Bolt. They wanted a wrap that was eye-catching, informative and on-brand to promote usage of electric vehicles and charging stations in Bowling Green.


Of course we jumped at the opportunity, who doesn’t want to design a car wrap for an electric car?! We knew it would be a challenge – to create something that both conveyed the positive benefits of electric cars for the environment, while also promoting the money-saving benefits of one. It also needed to be branded with Warren RECC, and designed so that drivers could read the information presented on the wrap on the road.


Using stats provided by Warren RECC, we created a unique design that can be seen rolling around the Bowling Green area. Warren RECC’s Chevy Bolt now brings statistics, information and awareness to their customers, both rural and urban, living in South Central Kentucky. Warren RECC now has a powerful marketing tool to use within the community that essentially functions as a mobile billboard! Just look for the blue and green Chevy Bolt, with the lightning bolts on the side.