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Handcrafting a Brand Refresh

Molding a unique, original logo into a modern brand.

Turtle Farm Pottery


Branding & Identity | Design | Print


When Turtle Farm Pottery came to us with their original logo and said they wanted a new brand, we had to convince them to let us incorporate it. Being carved from clay by a friend, we knew it was our job to make it work in a modern capacity.


Having a piece of artwork that already spoke to what Turtle Farm Pottery did and was, we began by looking it over and deciding how to best modernize and manipulate it to become a full brand. We began to pull apart the letters from the carving logo and created a custom logotype using some of those letters and creating others, while reducing the cuts from pottery carving to increase legibility. We also created a number of other version to be used across web, social and print.


Turtle Farm Pottery now has a brand that extends beyond one icon, while still giving off the handmade, high quality feel that matches their pottery. You can view their beautiful work and buy yourself a gift at turtlefarmpottery.com.