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Explosive Event Branding

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Every year the Kiwanis Club of Bowling Green hosts Thunderfest, Bowling Green’s annual 4th of July celebration. Kiwanis puts on the event as a fundraiser to benefit a variety of organizations in town. When it was Thunderfest reached its 50th birthday, they came to us to freshen up the brand for the milestone, and ensure the brand would stand strong for the next 50 events.


In order to ensure the new branding would stand strong and age well, we had to make it ‘explosive.’ We created a logo that had parts that could be added, removed, or exchanged depending on the year or date. Giving it the ability to last beyond a single year. We designed the logo and brand assets in a style that drew on both modern and retro styles, allowing it to withstand trends in design style. As is important to every brand, we also expanded it beyond just a logo, with new colors, icons, and designs.


The 50th Anniversary of Thunderfest went off with a bang, and we’re proud to have helped with the live event marketing! From designing the logo to execute the marketing materials, from designing apparel to helping put up signs. Here’s to another 50!