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Bringing Film to Bowling Green

Combining historic Capitol Arts Theater with modern design to brand the city’s first annual Sky Arts Film Festival.

Sky Arts Film Festival


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When we heard that Bowling Green was getting its own film festival, we HAD to be involved. Knowing that the event would be held at the historic Capitol Arts Theater in downtown BG, we knew it had to be incorporated into the branding.


In order to do justice to the Capitol Theater our team took a trip to tour the building. We snagged reference photos of every object and from every angle imaginable, both inside and outside of the building. Those references provided a baseline for our team to design around and transform into a modern, exciting film festival brand. In the Sky Arts Film Festival brand you can find reference to the Capitol in iconography, colors, fonts and even the line thickness.


Sky Arts Film Festival is branded and ready to host their first of many events at the Capitol Arts Theater. With over 60 submissions for their 2022 event, we think this event will become a staple of Bowling Green’s creative community.