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Safety in Manufacturing Against COVID-19

Using graphic design and poster design to promote covid-19 safety for a returning manufacturing company.

INOAC Safety Campaign


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Attempting to reopen manufacturing plants during a global pandemic is no easy task. With safety guidelines in place, INOAC needed a way to communicate them to their employees through graphic and poster design across all facilities. Due to the nature of the pandemic, we were also under a tight deadline.


INOAC’s facilities reach across the United States and Mexico, partnering with a variety of teams. Therefore, we had to create 3 versions of every design, including a Spanish translation. We named the safety campaign “Spotless Safety,” and pushed the main 3 COVID guidelines of “Wash Your Hands | Wear A Mask | Practice Social Distancing.” We began by creating logo designs, with a variation for each guideline for a total of 9 logo designs. (3 guidelines x 3 teams.) We also created a poster design for each guideline, the campaign overall and a one-off for bathrooms. We also created floor decals to encourage social distancing in high traffic or working areas. For the graphic design style we combined simple iconography with bold typography to encourage readability in a loud, busy environment. In total, over the course of a month, we designed, sorted and shipped 25 print design pieces for the Spotless Safety campaign. 


In the face of an unprecedented pandemic, on a tight deadline, we were able to create an abundance of graphic design artwork to promote safety in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. INOAC’s facilities were able to successfully reopen, albeit with safety guidelines in place, only a few short months into the pandemic.