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Insuring Brand Security for Agency Acquisitions

Aligning the various agencies of Houchens Insurance Group in brand, web and design.

Houchens Insurance Group


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When the 5+ agencies that make up Houchens Insurance Group came together, they knew their brands needed to align to represent one insurance brand, not multiple. However, individual agencies weren’t ready to immediately ditch their names and histories to rebrand as Houchens Insurance Group or HIG.


In addition to branding multiple insurance agencies, we also knew that we would need to bring awareness to the overall Houchens Insurance Group brand. Since each agency wanted to retain a bit of their identity, we decided to rollout a minor rebrand as Phase 1, and then further align the brands for Phase 2. Phase 1 consisted of new brands with similar color palettes with websites developed to be identical in structure and build. Phase 2, which has begun recently, will consist of slowly transforming the brands into a more visually similar one. First removing individual icons and eventually names, to have one single insurance brand, Houchens Insurance Group. We also needed to raise brand awareness for HIG as a whole, so we worked to produce a series of videos / commercials to promote the brand.


We successfully rolled out new brands for each agency, including new websites as part of Phase 1, which continued for over a year. Recently, we’ve begun Phase 2, replacing the individual brand icons and moving to using the HIG icons. As Phase 2 continues, we’ll begin to use these newest logos across the Houchens Insurance Group websites and brands.